Use & Occupancy of Virginia War Memorial & Grounds

The Shrine of Memory, buildings, and grounds of the Virginia War Memorial are the Commonwealth of Virginia's memorial to honor the memory of Virginia's Heroes Killed in War. Persons entering the property are expected to conduct themselves in a quiet, respectful manner as befits this Memorial.

The Virginia War Memorial is the property of the Commonwealth and is under the control and management of the Department of General Services (DGS). DGS is authorized to establish standards for the maintenance and utilization of state-owned properties pursuant to Virginia Code § 2.2- 1131. These procedures require advanced approval of any event and sponsorship of the event by an agency of the Commonwealth. In the case of the Virginia War Memorial, the authority to make these decisions is delegated to the Executive Director of the Memorial.

No items of any kind may be stuck in the ground, nor may any signs or structures be erected. No persons may enter the property between the hours of midnight and 5:00am unless on official business. Possession and consumption of alcohol is prohibited except in connection with an event approved by the Executive Director for which a license or permit has been issued by the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. The possession of illegal drugs or weapons or other contraband is prohibited.

Persons in violation of this directive, or who conduct themselves in a manner that would interfere with the peaceable and quiet enjoyment of the Virginia War Memorial by members of the public who would desire to pay their respects to Virginia's fallen heroes will be requested to leave.

If any person refuses to leave the property when asked by the staff of the Virginia War Memorial, the Memorial requests that the Division of Capitol Police, acting as the Memorial's agent, use whatever means necessary to remove the person or persons from the Virginia War Memorial property and grounds. The Memorial requests the Division of Capitol Police to take such steps as arc reasonably necessary and consistent with the laws of the Commonwealth for the protection of persons and property and to prevent damage to the Virginia War Memorial and its grounds. In the absence of Memorial staff, the Capitol Police are requested to act as agents of the Memorial for the purpose of preventing trespass upon the grounds of the Virginia War Memorial and to issue barment notices as necessary to prevent future trespass by persons in violation of these rules.

Robert B. Jones
Director, Division of Engineering and Buildings
Department of General Services

Clay Mountcastle
Virginia War Memorial

Virginia War Memorial
621 S. Belvidere Street
Richmond, VA 23220
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